Reliable, affordable and high-performing web hosting is an essential part of a successful website. When thinking about building a new website, your choice of the host shouldn’t be the last thing on your mind, it should be part of your top priorities for your website. Failure to choose the right host for your site can have a negative effect on your website and business. These effects can lead to a drop in sales, downtimes, errors, etc.

With so many choices currently available, it’s easy to simply opt for the cheapest option. However, web hosting should be seen as an investment in your business, brand or company. Think of your host as the foundation of your site, the solid rock on which your site should be built.

You wouldn’t build your home on a foundation that isn’t solid,

Would you?

I’m guessing the answer is NO, neither should you build your website with a low-quality and unreliable web host.

Having your website hosted by a good web host is needed for your brand or business to be able to offer quality service to your users and clients.

Essentially, web hosting is a service offered by hosting companies. They host your website’s files so that they’re accessible on the internet to your users, clients or customers. When you develop a website, you create a bunch of different files. These files need to be stored somewhere safe and reliable to be accessible.

How to choose the ideal hosting platform

There are tons of web hosting platforms out there, but if you must invest your money in any of them, there are a few things to look out for before doing that.

Availability and Uptime

There is nothing more disappointing on the internet than clicking on a link and it fails to open the site. So, be sure to check if the hosting platform you have chosen offers the best levels of availability. Availability and server uptime refers to how often your website will be available online. Most hosts stick to the rule of 99.9% uptime. This leaves room for any necessary server maintenance that might temporarily bring your site offline.

So basically, before you decide on a web hosting service provider make sure to verify their uptime policy and if they offer some sort of uptime guarantee.

Data Security

Before entrusting the hosting of your website to any hosting service provider,  make sure that the provider you choose can guarantee your users’ protection, ensuring a system of data redundancy and constant backups. You don’t want your data all over the internet due to the negligence of your hosting service provider.

Storage and Bandwidth

Storage consideration. The limits for storage vary widely across hosting platforms. However, unless you’re storing videos, collecting and storing user data, or a ton of media content, you can probably get away with using minimum levels of storage.

Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic, number of page views and users your website can handle every single month. So you’ll want to go for a provider that can handle the amount of traffic your site will get.

In the end, going for what suits your website requirement best is always the best option.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer support is something you don’t think about until it’s too late, which shouldn’t be. If for some unforeseen reason, your website is offline and no matter what you do you can't get it back online. You’ve tried contacting your hosting company’s support team and they’re non-responsive. That isn't a nice situation to be in.

So you have to ensure the hosting service provider offers round the clock customer support.

Payment methods

Hosting price increases are pretty common practice—unless you end up purchasing hosting for multiple years at a time. The price may not be the only reason for your choice, but it can help in your decision on what is the best service.

Don’t forget that a lower price is not a guarantee of service with no quality, just as a high value doesn’t guarantee the high-quality of a provider.

Finally, be aware that there are several good website hosting services out there. You need to understand well what your needs are to hire or invest in the best plan that will perfectly fit your website profile.

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