Are you looking for a self-directed commitment guide on how to build a strong and consistent coding habit?

Has it been a dream of yours to become a successful software developer?

Look no further!

Today, we’ll be giving you tips and guides on how to build a great coding habit.

There’s a very good reason to commit to doing something every single day for a period of time, it always yields great results. According to science, it takes at least 65 days to form a habit and having good habits is an essential part of being a developer. It builds your level of commitment and consistency in the long run.

Before we proceed, I'd like you to keep this in mind especially as a beginner, your first 100 days of coding isn’t going to be a smooth one. There are days where you’ll feel like you’re wasting your time, days where you’ll want to give up, days where you just can't get things to work out with your codes, days where you’ll face difficulty in solving problems and that’s okay. It’s okay if you take a longer time to solve a problem or take breaks in between, it’s all part of the process, see it as such, but don’t be discouraged.

Day 1 to Day 10

The first step to learning how to code is choosing a path for yourself, this gives you a clearer understanding of the programming language to learn. You need to choose a programming language and stick with it. Choosing a path is very essential for you as a beginner because it saves you a lot of time. The time you would have wasted in exploring other options and doing trial and error with other programming languages wouldn’t be needed because you already know what you want and you’re going for it. A lot of questions will arise in this process. Is Java better than C++? Is python a faster language and so on… these questions will create confusion and you might be tempted to switch to a different language. Try them out and pick the one that is best for you. Don’t pick a language because it is popular, pick the one you're comfortable with instead.

Remember, the best programming language is the one you are great at.

Day 11 to Day 20

It’s time to learn the most important part of coding, learning algorithms and data structures. In this phase, you’ll have to learn the basics and fundamentals of various algorithms and data structures. Do a thorough study of data structure and algorithm, it will help a lot in solving problems.

Day 21 to Day 80

Now that you are familiar with algorithms and data structure, the next phase is practicing how to solve coding problems, going from basic solving basic problems to medium problems and then to difficult problems. This phase requires lots of practice. The truth is every phase requires lots of practice if you must be good at coding. Watching tutorials and reading books won’t do the job alone, you have to put all that you have learnt to practice. It is an efficient way to grow.

Day 81 to Day 100

Keep learning and putting what you have learnt into practice. As a developer, the learning process never ends, there is always something new to learn, stay updated with new trends and technology.

You’ll make mistakes sometimes, but mistakes are proof that you’re trying.

Learn and practice your codes every day, but know when to take breaks. Knowing when to walk away is a very valuable tool to have in your developer self-awareness kit.

You don’t have to deprive yourself of seeing daylight, continuous eating of junks, staying up late until you’ve cracked the code for you to be a good developer. What you need is the exact opposite, if you need a break, take one.

Take a break, take a walk, see a movie, eat good food, go to bed early and sleep on it. In all your doing, do not walk away,  walking away doesn’t solve the problem. Instead of giving up and walking away, reach out to other developers for help, preferably one that is a professional.

There’s also StackOverflow, FreeCodeCamp, Google and endless online resources to help you on your way. Someone out there has had the same problem as you and they will be more than happy to share how they solved it, just reach out for help.

When it all comes down to it, everyone's experience is going to be unique and different. The most important thing is not quitting, but being consistent instead. Code every day, keep up with new tech trends and keep practicing. You’ll be amazed at the results you will get.